Intimate Secretary

My best friend, Natale, and I met each other in Richmond a few weekends ago, halfway between our places in Maryland and North Carolina. We had the best time at a boutique bar (reminded me of the Beehive in the South End of Boston). There were all these vintage cocktails, mixologists, hipsters, the whole deal. Anyway, I’ve been making this drink a lot lately and I bet you would love it!!

The Intimate Secretary

recipe adapted from Balliceaux, Richmond, Va.

Intimate Secretary

Finlandia Grapefruit Vodka

Lime juice (1/2 of a lime)-or lemon in a pinch

Rosemary Simple syrup 

Club soda

Rosemary sprig for garnish

I don’t have an actual recipe, but I fill a highball glass all the way with ice, fill it halfway with vodka, then add juice from 1/2 a lime, a glug of rosemary syrup, and fill up the rest of glass with club soda. Garnish. Drink in a dark room with a handsome man. I think this is the perfect February drink because its robust enough from the rosemary, with a light citrus twist to remind us spring and the sun are coming!